Oil & Gas

Within the petroleum industry, ACSM delivers ROV inspections and surveys throughout the Life of Field: from pre-engineering assessment, through construction and installation, IMR to decommissioning.

ACSM is well established in the Oil & Gas industry and has a proven track record across a wide range of ROV inspection and survey projects for major oil field operators and offshore engineering contractors throughout Europe, Latin America and Middle East.

ACSM provides reliable and cost-effective survey and positioning services for large and small marine construction projects, in both offshore and nearshore environments, from offshore platform and subsea installation support to inshore pipeline inspections.

During the early stage of the field development, ACSM provides:
  • Topographical surveys & desktop studies (DTS)
  • Pre-engineering geohazard surveys
  • Reconnaissance pipeline/cable route surveys
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Environmental surveys and impact assessments
When the project reaches the construction stage, ACSM supports EPC Contractors during the offshore installation by providing:
  • Pre-Lay / Post-Lay survey ROV based or vessel based
  • Touch Down Monitoring
  • As-Laid and As-Built surveys
  • Drilling Rig, vessel and subsea Positioning
  • Jacket, pile and topside positioning
  • LBL positioning and subsea metrology
  • Dimensional control services
  • WROV Construction Support and tooling
When the subsea asset is operational, ACSM delivers Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) activities, as follows:
  • Asset Integrity iInspections
  • Pipeline Inspections using ROV or AUV
  • Cathodic Protection surveys
  • Structural Inspections
  • ROT (Remotely Operated Tool) operations
  • WROV Interventions
  • WROV Drilling Support Operations (including tooling)

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