Renewable Energy

With significant experience in the inspection and survey of subsea foundations and infrastructure for numerous offshore projects, ACSM can enhance the understanding of the geological and geotechnical risks associated with an offshore wind farm project.
ACSM supports renewable energy companies throughout all the stages of a subsea asset life-cycle: from initial concepts to detailed design, through construction and installation, IMR to decommissioning.
During the field design phase, ACSM executes feasibility studies such as:
  • Desktop studies and topographical surveys during the engineering design stage
  • Geophysical and Geotechnical surveys to identify potential geohazards along the designed route or for foundation engineering
  • Environmental surveys to perform assessments of potential environmental impacts on marine habitats
During the construction stage, ACSM supports the installation with:
  • Offshore foundation installation positioning support
  • Positioning of drilling rigs, barge and multiple vessels operations
  • Power and Fiber Optic cables – trenching capabilities up to 2m burial
  • Touch Down Monitoring
  • Cable As-Laid and As-Built surveys
  • Onshore and offshore dimensional control services.
  • On-site cable testing: DC, VLF, PD, DAC, TDR, OTDR, etc.
When the asset is operational, ACSM provides Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) activities as follows:
  • Asset integrity inspections
  • Cable and infrastructure ROV Inspections
  • Structural inspections
  • Cables repairs activities

Turning complex subsea challenges into safe and efficient operations