Submarine Cables

With over 20 years of continuous service, ACSM is a consolidated and reliable key-partner within the subsea cable sector, including maintenance, repair, and installation. ACSM has experience with various types of submarine cables: fiber optic cables, power cables, seismic cables, umbilicals.
We continuously work with the major cable laying companies worldwide, from the Atlantic, to the Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, touching the Pacific until the Indian ocean.
ACSM supports the submarine cable market delivering subsea integrated solutions throughout the life-cycle of a subsea power and Fiber Optic (F/O) cable project
Starting providing desktop studies and reconnaissance route survey to evaluate the technical feasibility, supporting the cable installation with ROV and trenching equipment, as well as maintenance activities when the cable is operational.

Services provided for submarine cable operations, are:

  • Desktop Studies (DTS)
  • Reconnaissance Cable Route Survey
  • Pre-lay Survey
  • Pre-lay shore end (PLSE)
  • Pre-lay grapnel run (PLGR)
  • Route clearance (RC)
  • Cable laying
  • Touchdown monitoring (TDM)
  • Post-lay inspection (PLI)
  • Post-lay burial (PLB/PLIB), trenching
  • As-laid Survey

Turning complex subsea challenges into safe and efficient operations