The ACSM Simulator is a complete replica of a Triton XLS ROV console with control joystick, full ROV and TMS power switching and tether control, ancillary and tooling equipment control panels, and controls for Shilling 7P manipulator and Grabber.
Six LCD monitors provided as viewing screens selectable to show simulated ROV and TMS video camera pictures, sonar display, system settings and diagnostics.

A separate desk and PC console are positioned behind the trainees for the instructor to control and log the simulated scenario or adjust any ROV or environmental settings whilst being able to view the ROV monitors and advise the trainee.

Computer simulation of subsea operations has repeatedly proven itself, in the real world, as a tool for driving up profit by:
  • Quickly generating visualisations of scenarios that deliver realistic behaviour and vision for the training.
  • Providing repeatable and quantifiable training in a completely safe environment, improving speed and quality.
  • Enabling subsea mission planning and training, improving the project resources and asset.
  • Creating a wide range of physics-based operational scenarios.
  • Provide details and focus in one area or allowing to fly through an entire subsea field.
  • Decreasing risk work is virtually tested and planned out, ensuring safety for the project, job and equipment, with early identification of design implementation errors.
  • Increasing cost-effectiveness by boosting efficiency and reducing risk in the field. 

Physics-based simulation

The VMAX project simulator is a software package designed for “physics-based simulation” with several ROV vehicles for the offshore environment, and it’s capable of creating scenarios that are highly detailed and focused on one area of operation or broad in scope to allow a “fly-thru” of an entire subsea field.

This state-of-the-art equipment is located in the ACSM ROV logistic base at Naron-Ferrol (Spain) for our own ROV personnel’s training.

Turning complex subsea challenges into safe and efficient operations