Positioning & Construction support

ACSM has extensive experience in providing positioning and survey to support the construction and installation projects within the Oil & Gas, and offshore renewables energy industry

For the offshore field installation, ACSM delivers precise surface and subsea positioning during the installation of subsea assets. We execute Pre-lay, Touch Down Monitoring and subsequent As-laid and As-built surveys for pipelines, umbilicals and cables.
Oil & Gas applications:
  • Pre-Lay / Post-Lay Survey ROV based or vessel based
  • Touch Down Monitoring
  • As-Laid and As-Built surveys
  • Drilling RIG, vessel and subsea positioning
  • Jacket, piles and topside positioning
  • LBL positioning and subsea metrology
  • Dimensional control services
  • WROV construction support
  • WROV drilling support
  • ROV tooling
Renewable energy applications:
  • Foundation installation Survey and Positioning support
  • Positioning of drilling rigs, barge and multiple vessels operations
  • Power and Fiber Optic Cable – Trenching capabilities up to 2m burial
  • Cable Pre-Lay Survey – ROV Based and vessel based
  • Touch Down Monitoring
  • Cable As-Laid and As-Built survey
  • Onshore and offshore dimensional control services
  • On-site Cable testing

Turning complex subsea challenges into safe and efficient operations