The SMD CMROV is a cable trencher ROV with hydraulic tracks and a powerful jetting tool with 2 m swords for good trenching performance. The SMD trencher ROV has built up an excellent reputation as a powerful submersible which achieves quality burial in adverse conditions.
First and foremost the ROV is designed for trenching. This means that the driving force behind the design is centered around the jet burial tool. SMD’s high flow jetting technology uses twin jet legs with remote width adjustment and positive (independent) depressor which includes integral cable detectors.

ROV specifications:

Total Hidraulic Power: 300kW (400 HP), 1 x 4 POLE 3.3 kV HPU motor
Burial Depth up tp 2m
Depth Rating 1500 m
Dimensions with Tracks 3.8 x 3.7 x 2.7 m
Weight in air Tracks / Skids 8500 kg / 7400 kg
Foward / Vertica

Tracked / Skids for Work Class free-fly operation

4 x 420 mm Horizontal, 4 X 380 mm Vertical
Combined variable swash and proportional to each thruster hydraulic motor

Threnching Tool
Forward mounted twin 2.0 m jet legs with multiple low pressure water jets
2 x Variable speed hydraulically driven single stage water pumps
4.2 bar maximum water pressure
1500 m3/h maximum water flow rate
Burial Depth control 0-2000 mm
Burial Width control 145-380 mm
Suitable for a range of soil types, including sands and very soft to soft clays

Surveillance Equipment
2 x CCD Monochrome camera (Osprey OE1358)
1 x CCD Colour with Zoom camera (Osprey OE1366)
1 x SIT Monochrome (Osprey OE1324)
2 x SubAtlatic 0058-MAS Pan & Tilt
8 x 150W Lamps
1 x Altimeter Mesotech MS 1007-974
1 x Sonar Mesotech MS 1000
1 x Gyro solid state attitude (Pitch & Roll) and heading reference

1 x Schilling Orion 7 Function Manipulator
1 x Schilling Rigmaster 5 Function Grabber

A minimum operational set of spares package will be supplied with the system

LARS system:
A-Frame SWL 12T in all sea conditions up to Sea State 6
Umbilical Winch with around 2000 m lifting umbilical
1 x 75 kW Deck hydraulic power pack (HPU)