The Wave Energy Generation Buoy of the Life DemoWave Project is already anchored in the Experimental Site of Punta Langosteira. Last Thursday, August 30th, the Life DemoWave project successfully anchored the 25 kW prototype of the Wave Generation Buoy.

The outer part of the breakwater of Langosteira thus becomes a test bed to demonstrate the feasibility of a wave energy generation prototype of 11 tons, which helps reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The companies participating in the DemoWave consortium are Quantum Innovative; Hercules Control; ACSM and Josmar Group, and count on with the collaboration of the University of Vigo and CETMAR. ACSM has been in charge of the execution of the system’s anchoring operation together with its 3 auxiliary buoys, which has recently been successfully completed, valuing the experience in marine operations of this type for different sectors of the company.

The idea, which has the support of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Port Authority, developed over several years to achieve the completion of the prototype, will now demonstrate the viability, strength and scalability of the project, so that in the future there may be buoy parks. The DemoWave project has a funding of 1.8 million euros from the Life program.