ACSM (Advanced Crew and Ship Management) provides global maritime services such as Nautical Management of Vessels; Subsea Services with ROVs, Trenchers and Ploughs; Crewing; Top Side Works; Engineering and Consultancy and Telecom Installations.Established in 2001, with global presence in Vigo and Ferrol (Spain, North Atlantic), Las Palmas Port (Canary Islands, West Africa) and Hamriyah (U.A.E., Arab Gulf), the company is committed to the quality of its services with the support and professionality of the in-house staff (key personnel have more than 25 years of experience), and with the passion of R&D to innovate in services and products.

ACSM covers a wide experience in different types of vessels and the main ROVs´ and Ploughs´manufacturers, through a varied set of sectors, industries and geographical locations.

Our mission is to provide quality customer-oriented services in an efficient and flexible manner that allows us to adapt to the changing, and demanding marine environment.