ACSM has specialized knowledge for topside connection for subsea umbilical cables terminations and reterminations, including high voltage, signal and fiber optical cables. Subsea/topside terminations are an integral part of the supply of umbilicals and power cables, and ACSM counts with the experience to carry out the final installation, testing and reporting.

In the Telecom sector, ACSM has the capacity to cover infrastructures and systems such as: UHF/VHF communications and its TX/RX lines, ROE and isolation measures, CCTV, NDB radio assistance system (Non-Directional Beacon) for the aeronautical sector, and the supply and installation of manual or motorized sunscreens for control and supervision towers at airports and vessels and rigs´ control bridges, allowing a safe view at critical moments of supervision.


Our technician provide services globally onshore and offshore worldwide and are ready to mobilize when the customer needs for the following operations:• Termination of Electrical Connectors, Cable Joints, and Electrical Junction Boxes
• Termination of FO, Fibre Optics into Connectors and Fibre Optic Splicing
• Mechanical Assembly of Termination Parts
• Integration of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hoses into Stab Plates, Winches, etc.
• Pressure Testing and Flushing of Hoses and Electrical and FO Testing of Cables
• Conduct Troubleshooting and Repair of The Above
• Project Documentation, Including Procedures, Certifications and Reports
• Earth/Air Communications Systems in VHF, UHF and HF
• Turnkey Projects for any Type of Communication Solution
• Installation, Commissioning, Setup and Maintenance of Earth/Air and
Ground/Land Communications Systems, NDB
• Manual or Motorized Solar Shades for Control Tower, Vessels´ and rigs´ Control Bridges




With a short notice from the client and recommended by the manufacturer, NEXANS, our technicians mobilized in the Arabian Gulf in order to connect a medium voltage and FO cable in both ends from a FPSO to an Oil Rig. The work included the fiber optic splicing the cable termination and connection into the TUTU and the tests and reports detailed by the manufacturer and the client, including visual inspection, high voltage test, VLF test and OTDR test.