Full ROV services, vehicles, operation and maintenance, Pilots/Technicians for ROV and sea Plough vehicles worldwide, ROV engineering.

ACSM operates and also provides ROV submersibles systems services supplying Work Class hydraulic ROV systems, inspection electric ROVs, and subsea Cable Ploughs, with high qualified technical personal (Supervisor, Pilots and Technicians) for operation , maintenance and management.

All of our employees are supported by our Senior Technical Deparment ashore, providing supervision for the offshore activities. We offer our know-how to any subsea project including ROV & Plough mobilization, operation, maintenance & repair, ROV tooling engineering and equipment supply.

For over 17 years ACSM personnel have worked with submersible systems aboard meny cable ships and offshore vessels with almost all type of ROV systems including Perry Slingsby, SMD, Schilling, Saab-Seaeye, and Sub-Atlantic among others, as well with SMD and EB submersible cable ploughs.





Within two days from an initial enquiry, ACSM ROV Pilot/Technicians were mobilised to a Cable Vessel in the Arabian Gulf. ACSM personnel completed the fine tuning of the Trencher and ROV onboard to safely and successfully find a fault on a subsea telecommunication cable, repair the cable and re-burial after the operation, commonly known as PRIB, to the client’s satisfaction.


ACSM successfully and safely carried out a long term pipeline and risers´ inspection for one of the major contractors in the O&G industry in the Gulf of Nigeria. ACSM mobilized its Seaeye Cougar and our Pilots worked with both the Cougar and a Panther during one year with minimum downtime to the client´s and main contractor´s satisfaction.


Our technicians successfully and safely operated the EB Sea Stallion Plough for one of the major Subsea Cable companies in the world to lay up to 2.300 km of Telecomm Cable in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.