The Perry Triton XLR ROV is a compact and powerful work class hydraulic ROV vehicle suitable to interface will all underwater survey equipment and tooling. The XLR 07 is a 125 HP (95 kW) power system, 3000 m WD rated, and 250 kg payload capability. Year built 2012

ROV specifications:

Dimension L x W x H (m):   2.95 x 1.70 x 2.05
Weight in air / sea water (kg) :  3900 / Neutral
Depth rating (m):  3000 WE
Propulsion Thrusters:  4 x Horizontal, 3 x Vertical 380 mm (Sub-Atlantic)
Thrust FWD / Lat. (kgf):   850 / 850
Speed FWD / Lat. (knot):   3.7 / 3.5
Payload / Through Frame Lift (kg):  250 / 3000
Autopilot:  Heading, Depth, Altitude and Auto Position
Power requirement :  400/440 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 A


Camera: 1 x HR Colour Zoon camera, 1 x Low Light HR B&W, 2 x HR Colour camera
2 x Pan & Tilt
6 x 250W Bowtech LED 3200 lighting
1 x Kongsberg MS 1171 Sonar System
CDL TOGS FOG, Digiquarz Depth sensor, Altimeter Mesotech 807, DVL Workhorse
1 x 7F Schilling T4 Manipulator
1 x 5F Whittaker Grabber
1 x Main 12F Hydraulic VP, 1 x Auxiliar Hydraulic station, 1x Hi-Flow Tooling Manifold

Auxiliary comms channels and FO’s for extra survey and tooling equipment: Standard Realtime Composite Video Channels (8), Serial (18), Switched Power (16), dedicated Serial & Power Channels for Gyro, Digiquartz, Altimeter/DVL, Sonar, Manip, Responder Trigger, Hydraulic manifolds, spare FO (x4) VisualSoft DVR (Digital Video Recording) 4 channel w/ overlay

Heavy Lift Top-Hat Perry type 4A design, 380 m (D35 mm) Tether, 3000 m WD rated, D2.00 x H2.20 m, diameter 2 m, 2700 kg weight, Tether capacity up to 750 m (D27 mm)

Umbilical Winch:
Lawson 8 ton SWL, with level wind, Focal 176 slip ring
Dimensions (m) / Weight (ton): 3.20 x 2.20x H 2.50 / 20 ton (including umbilical)

LARS system:
The deep water Lawson LARS comprises a hydraulic 8 tons SWL A-Frame, Umbilical Winch, HPU, all dimensioned for standard road transport without escort. Winch drum capability of up to 3000 m of armoured lifting umbilical

Lawson 8T SWL with docking frame snubber
Dimensions (m) / Weight (ton): 8.00 x 2.90 x H 3.70 m (stowed), 5.00 m outreach / 14.7 tons

Control Cabin & Workshop:
ISO 20’ HC with Twist Locks Control Cabin, A60 DNV Standard, 6.09 x 2.44 x H2.9m, weight 8 tons
ISO 20’ with Twist Locks Workshop Cabin 6.06 x 2.44 x H2.9 m, weight 6 tons