ACSM understands the importance of generating sustainable energy and supports the growth of the sector bringing its expertise in the subsea cable industry to help the industry’s growth requirements as the wind farms grow and move into deeper waters.

ACSM counts with an experienced team of subsea professionals, with thousands of kilometers of cables been laid with different cable vessels and adapted supplies together with state of the art subsea ROVs, Plows and Trenchers.

Services include:

• Route Survey and Seabed Mapping
• Power Cable Installation and Protection
• Route Planning, Trenching, and Termination of Cables
• Inspection, Maintenance and Repair
• Technical Assistance
• Tender Documentation Generation and Review.




ACSM is developing together with a Galician consortium the wave energy converter LifeDemoWave, financed by the European Commission through its LIFE programme.

The above expertise has been used for both operation and consultancy. An example is the BIMEP case; the 20 MW Test Bed for Renewable Energies in the Basque Country, North Spain, where the company has given support to the EVE and SENER with tenders and bidding reviews, technical assistance, client representative, etc.