ACSM is currently in a growing process of providing resources to R&D, as demonstrated by the active participation in research and development projects at national and international level, with an unusual profile among marine robotics service companies. The great variety of clients and jobs covering multiple domains gives the company a proximity to the end users, and being an end user itself, so that improvements and innovations to the different fields can be foreseen and addressed with the right partners.

Deep Sea Mineral Dtection Skid for ROVs CDTI-INTERCONECTA 1,16M€

First line response to oil spills based on native microorganisms cooperation H2020 368k€

Demonstration of the efficiency & environmental impact of wave energy converters (WEC) in high energy coasts LIFE 1,8M€

Development of a Hydraulic Manipulator for ROVs with Additive Manufacturing GAIN

ROV Electrical Manipulator for Offshore Intervention MINECO 121k€