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ACSM operates and also provides comprehensive ROV sumersible systems services supplying Work Class hydraulic ROV systems, inspection electric ROVs, with standard tooling and equipment, subsea cable Ploughs, and high qualified technical personnel (Supervisors, Pilots and Technicians) for operation, maintenance and management.

Our Senior Technical Department have extensive experience in international offshore projects of submarine cable lay and burial, subsea inspection and intervention, and deep water ROV works (more than 1.000 m SWD).

For over 15 years we have worked with submersible systems aboard Spanish & international cable and offshore ships. Today we can offer our "know-how" to any subsea project including ROV & Plough supply, mobilization, operation and maintenance. Over the years, we have worked with many different ROV systems including Perry Slingsby, SMD, Sub-Atlantic, Saab-Seaeye, and Schilling among others, as well as with SMD and EB submersible ploughs.

Our team of ROV personnel is made up of highly professional and skilled personnel knowledgeable in offshore subsea operations of submarine cable lay, burial and repair; IMR and construction of oil&gas submarine installations, and ROV wreckage salvage & recovery operations.

We currently offer ROV & Plough Superintendents, Supervisors, Senior and Gr. 1 Pilot/Technicians (IMCA). All of our employees are supported from the ashore technical department in the Head Office providing technical support and supervision for the offshore activities. We have a good and fluent relationships with most of the main ROV manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Located near the port of Ferrol, our Logistic ROV Base is a facility ready for the maintenance and storage of ROV equipment, and also for training in our own Perry TXLS ROV simulator.
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