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ACSM has a wide experience in ship management with cable ships, special purpose offshore vessels, oceanographic/research vessels, and other types of vessels with Dynamic Positioning (DP) and/or Diesel-Electrical propulsion.

The Global Marine Management services include:
  • Human resources covering crew and technicians management, recruitment and selection
  • Ship manning and technical fleet services: maintenance and repair, management of vessel certificates and ISPS/ ISM, operational issues and management of projects, spare parts, insurance and P&I
  • To follow the relevant IMO conventions (STCW, SOLAS, MARPOL) and others as ILO regulations, IMCA and MCA guidelines, and all applicable law

ACSM provides qualified, specialized, and experienced crews for cable and offshore DP ships: Our goal is to provide qualified personnel and personalized services to cover the needs of all our clients, with the mission to carry out the required maritime operations in a professional and safe manner, and always trying to solve problems.

All our crewmembers and technicians are full-time ACSM employees, not freelancers. This ensures their commitment to the company and therefore to the client's project.

Our Head Office is located in Vigo (NW Spain), a traditional maritime city and a historical base for cable ships.

Download Galicia Offshore Service S.L. policy (PDF)

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