ACSM - Marin services

Key Capabilities

At present ACSM has the capability to provide Marine and Subsea services following our international clients requeriments worlwide with a bussiness plan on four main areas:
  • Vessel Management: Offshore DP vessels as Cable Ships, PSV/OCV, and Research/Survey/Oceanographic vessels
  • ROV services and engineering, Cable Plough systems
  • Crew/Technicans Agency: Marine Crews, ROV Pilot/Techs, Subsea Plough Techs, Cable & Survey personnel
  • Offshore projects: Submarine cable laying and PLIB, Cable/Pipeline Survey, and other Oil & Gas industry IMR projects


    ACSM has experienced and dedicated personnel in preparation, development, and project management together with the engineering support required to successfully complete an offshore project, with the safety, operational efficiency, and a cost effective service as main targets.

    We have an extensive experience in submarine cable lay, burial and post-lay inspection and repair (PLIB) in deep water projects, providing Superintendents, Party Chiefs / Chiefs of Mission (COM, EIC), cable engineers and jointers, and Survey technicians.

    ACSM has a succesfully project track record around the world on vessel management, submarine cable lay and burial and PLIB projects, ROV commissioning, Mob, De-Mob, and operation, ROV offshore oil projects, and wreckage operations.

    Our in house engineering department has a strong background and experience for ROV technical support and has designed, manufactured, and supplied cable trenching jetting tools, LARS systems, and ISO 20' offshore containers as customized ROV Control Cabins. They also support and supervise the offshore activities.

    Our aim is to provide a quality, safe, and cost effective service to our clients, all in order to meet the clients project schedule and their performance and operational standards


    ACSM is committed to provide effective people and equipment to achieve a continual improvement in:
    • QUALITY by meeting client requeriments on time and within budget, with an optimum performance and reliability, and a close relationship with our clients
    • SAFETY by providing a safe and healthy work enviroment and providing efficient and safe practices of operation onboard
    • ENVIROMENTAL management by meeting legal and regulatory enviromental requeriments
    • INTERNATIONAL LEGISLATION comply by following IMO, ILO regulations and codes, and IMCA, MCA guidelines, among other local regulations

    There is a Drugs & Alcohol policy with specific guidelines and procedures for our Crews and Technicians onboard.
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